Work-life balance

Created: Dec 27, 2021. Last updated: Dec 27, 2021.

As a working mom with workaholic tendencies and two adorable kids (but perhaps simply as a human being) it is important that there is a balance between work life, mom life, and all the rest there is to life.

I've read a lot about work-life balance. Various people claim it simply does not exist. They either recommend merging work and private life as much as possible, like bringing your kids to play with kids of colleagues so you can discuss some more, or having different periods in which you prioritise different aspects of both. There are also people who set very hard minimum boundaries, which is also an interesting approach. But if you think simply attending your children's birthdays is what it takes to be a good enough parent, your children will probably tell you differently in twenty years.

And I've also noticed another thing: if you constantly need to go for the minimum that fulfils the demand, that makes whatever you do actually less fulfilling. At some point you're just checking boxes instead of enjoying whatever process you're engaged in.

In my environment, I've already seen a lot of people burn out and some getting close. If our work cannot be performed in a sustainable way over many years, then everybody loses in this game. You, your boss, your colleagues, your partner, your children, your family and friends. You should not have to choose. Job environments should realize they need a happy, healthy you, instead of a frazzled stretched-out you. If the environment cannot, then what can we do to make this change ourselves?

For 2022, my main new year's resolution is to create a sustainable situation for my job as an associate lector. Read on here: resolution 2022 - work-life balance

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