Created: Nov 20, 2021. Last updated: Nov 20, 2021.

When considering how to motivate users into certain behaviours, games are an incredible resource. If it can motivate so many people to keep hitting the same buttons over and over for hours, then it is a pretty strong motivator! Using techniques from games in other contexts is called gamification.

  • Yukai Chou’s Octalysis frameworkOctalysis gamification framework
    Gamification is a great way to nudge people into certain behaviours. One of the more well-thought out models for [[gamification]] is the Octalysis framework. It identifies eight different motivatio...
  • Quantic Foundry’s gamer motivation modelGamer motivation model
    There are various models trying to identify why people play particular types of games.
    Quantic Foundry (QF) has developed an interesting “gamer motivation model” based on over 400.000 gamers.
    They ...

See also: persuasive technologyPersuasive technology
Through techniques from persuasive technology, digital nudging, and [[gamification]], technology can help us do the things we want to do, or nudge us towards behaviors that are against our own ...
and digital nudging